Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wonderking Local Server FAIL!!

Playing WK for a year now but a few months ago local server opened so normally global server was blocked, ok that's fine with us. but few months past they never updated system, they are still using the old system of WK global, that's still fine.

Ok we put up with the GMs not making clear announcement with updates and so on and so fourth and now recently people are quitting because of slow updates on the server and the unstable connection sometimes they would just shut down without announcing and not giving any explanation why the servers down. no apology or compensation of anything WTH!! are those GMs doing or Thinking i really don't know what do we keep playing or worst paying those GMs with i really don't know if we should blame it to the GMS or the company itself, God damn it, you people block WK global for a crappy server like this ......

.... WKph FAIL

Disgaea 4

The Flat chested yet erotic loli girls of Disgaea are back badder than ever ^_^ and the annoying prinnies are back cute still.

Nippon Ichi has announced that Disgaea 4 is due to be released for the PS3 within the year.

A detailed announcement is expected in September at the Tokyo Game Show.
The move is not likely to come as much of a surprise to followers of Nippon Ichi’s increasingly troubled fortunes – it previously outlined new Disgaea plans as part of its efforts to avoid bankruptcy.

It may be no exaggeration to say the company’s future prospects hinge on producing a quality iteration of its signature title – another embarrassingly pathetic exercise in cash cow milking like Disgaea 3 and its PS1 era graphics and gameplay seems unlikely to rescue the company’s fortunes.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Low Quality of Recent Naruto Epoisode

What Happen to naruto episodes? it started with some fonny Jutsu from 160 where the summons of Pain's (Girl) was cooked in a stove and was made a biscuit, but before it was caught in a giant cookie jar anyways I guess its one the rarest thing in an episode, but how come quality need to be sacrifice? one of the most awaited episode/ fight scene is for pain and the kyubi epic battle but why oh why they rush the animation for it

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wake up Sleeping Developers of Luminary!!

Wake up Sleeping Developers of Luminary!!

Ok been playing this game for a 4 years now and despite of issues about errors and being banned for giving them money by purchasing there Gcoins for more than 2 months, i still play this game, cuz i enjoy it and the community is good to, Luminary is a 2.5D where you Farm, fish, grind basic stuff and make your own weapons and armors and foods and med, basic item you use in a online game, its like a 2d chibi version of WOW lol anyways, a lot of stuff happen but the latest update is the straw that broke the camels back,

They brought back old stuff and they told us this is new???!?!Knock Knock People We are not that stupid, Heck they only made the old stuff transparent, What the hell is this!?! GOD! developer Wake UP cant you think up of better ways to make your game cooler? how many people in your development team? 1? oMg hire people, not even a thank you from you guys from people like us who stay with the crap your giving us and not fixing stuff, I feel sorry to your GMs and Customer support Team they are the ones who hear about players complain and you guys never listen to them, We already put up with the fact your useless system events and not fxing bugs and raccoon Paradise so please dont make us HATE you more.. SO WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!